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If you’re like any sort of normal, self-respecting alcoholic, you’ll have a strict tiering system when it comes to your beverages. And spirits are no exception. For me, rum beats everything hands down. The rest are there but they will not usurp rum’s dominance in my eyes. I’m not going to lie. Tequila is pretty low down on my list. It’s bad but it’s not gin, as Roy Walker once almost said.

Irresepective of that, here are Bradford’s finest (actually can’t think of any other bands from there, as it goes) banging on about the horrfying Mexican cactus juice. Or whatever it’s made out of, I forget.

The popular version has muchos castanets and other Central American percussion going on but the original mix is actually more in keeping with the Terrors’s standard rock-out-’til-your-teeth-fall-out approach. And as such, I prefer it. But then what do I know?

Actually, the Cult might be from Bradford.

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Mustard, Black, Navy, Athletic Heather


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