World in My Eyes

by Depeche Mode




I’ve said elsewhere that I’m not that much of a Depeche Mode fan. I’d like to clarify that I love Depeche Mode. The five album run from ‘Black Celebration’ to ‘Ultra’ is unparalleled, in my eyes *cough*. And the three in the middle of that – Music for the Masses, Violator and Songs of Faith and Devotion – are to me one of the best three consecutive albums in history.

To recap: I don’t know what I was talking about. I think I was probably just saying I liked the mid-range stuff more than the early stuff and the later stuff or something.

So this one is from the centre of the aformentioned albums, and the design should be fairly obvious if you’re familiar with the cover artwork. The red rose and what have you. The VR thing should make sense given the sentiments of the song and I’ve gone with ‘Gore’ over ‘Gahan’ as, well, he does write all the songs.

Shout out to Dave Gahan for basically being immortal, having technically died at least four times.

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Black, Athletic Heather


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