In Bloom

by Nirvana




If you were alive in 1991, you can’t have failed to have heard ‘Nevermind’ and as such, probably saw the cover. Let’s not beat about the bush here – it displays a child’s penis. Pretty bold stuff for the time. I don’t recall if it was censored back then, but it wouldn’t surprise me. What’s ironic is that the baby that’s chasing the dollar in the pool grew up and tried to sue Nirvana for ‘commercial child exploitation’. All very peculiar.

Whether you think the Seattle Grungsters took advantage or not, I’d like to point out that this design also technically includes a depiction of the same genitalia. So that’s nice.

The rest of it takes us even further back than the early Nineties. From what I remember from the Eighties, it was just a hotbed of Interflora ads. I don’t think it was actually possible to buy flowers from anywhere else in this country at that point in time. They still exist. How, I don’t know. Genuinely not heard anything about them for apprioximately 30 years.

So yeah, ‘In Bloom’, late 1980s Interflora. That’s what you’re getting here.

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