Beautiful Ones

by Suede




Even in the beginning I thought Brett Anderson looked really young and yet simultaneously really old. I don’t quite know how he managed it. Drugs? Possibly. It’s not like they shied away from all that, what with the references to poppers and sucking back the old heroin off of tin foil. And those were the singles!

You kids probably don’t remember the old Castrol GTX ads from the 80s. Oil running down a can, onto the floor and into the jaws of a spanner (narrated by the HAL 9000, for some reason). I can tell you that it makes a lot more sense to me now than it did then. But really. What, the oil is impregnating the spanner? Yeah, Ok. This is the most virile motor oil on the market, after all.

It’s still bends my mind that Suede bassist Mat Osman is Pointless anchor Richard Osman’s older brother. Next you’ll be telling me Ben Miller’s cousin is in Chumbawamba or whatever.

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