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The old black magic. At this point in history (1997), the United Kingdom had endured eighteen long, loooong years under Conservative rule and the vast majority of sane and rational people were ready to call on any form of witch doctor to done get that changed. Hopefully something like that never happens again. *looks to camera* It was also the first time I was able to vote, so remember it well. But no politics, please. Tricky, given the subject matter here.

I suppose what I’m suggesting with this is that ‘Voodoo Economics’ are a subsidiary of the IMF. Like Alphabet to Google. Or the other way around. Something like that. Money bad, essentially. Too much money, I should say. I’m not at the level of obscene corruption just yet, so please give me some money thanks.

Design wise, you’ve got the symbols in the logo going backwards and forwards, like what it says in the song. Also the underline is a pin to tie in with the voodoo. But you probably noticed that.

Promised myself at the start of this venture that I’d only be doing one song per artist. Ah well.

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