Pyramid Song

by Radiohead




We’re all gonna die! Sing it with me now!

I first saw this song performed in France in 2000 the night England beat Germany in the Euros. Ed O’Brien was delivering commentary to a cacophony of boos and Bono was in the audience. It was all very strange.

Anyway, what better way to celebrate the futility of human existence than by creating a fictional taxi cab firm? The researching of which took me down some interesting avenues.

A1, A2B, 1-2-1…the company names almost seem like an afterthought. And that’s before we even get anywhere near the logos. They’re like those takeaway leaflets you get that are littered with spelling errors in 3pt Comic Sans. Eye-breakingly garish and dragging clip art into Microsoft Word. All very…local.

So this is my version of that. Kind of.

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