Plug in Baby

by Muse




I promised myself I’d never do requests. But here we are. Ah well. Integrity lost. I’m amazed it lasted this long.

Let’s face it, Muse are rubbish. Like a not very good Radiohead without the content. Ok, that’s harsh. I do quite like this song. It’s not their best but it’s certainly much better than some of their more recent offerings – which is basically David Icke with an overdrive pedal.

Actually, listening to some (early to mid) Muse on Spotify and it really isn’t that bad. I suppose the real problem is that they’re Devon and I’m from Somerset. Yeah, it’s not that. Nobody cares.

Anyway, you get a daytime and a nightime version of this one. It’s sort of meant to be an alternate reality / VR / fantasy world situation, which I believe is the sentiment of the song. And the plug bit is sort of like the monolith in 2001. Sort of.

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Gold (Day), Black (Night)


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