by Muse

Plug in Baby

I promised myself I’d never do requests. But here we are. Ah well. Integrity lost. I’m amazed it lasted this long.

Let’s face it, Muse are rubbish. Like a not very good Radiohead without the content. And if you don’t even like Radiohead, it’s not going well for you. If you don’t even like Radiohead and are here, why?! Close your browser immediately thanks.

Ok, that’s harsh. I do quite like this song. It’s not their best but it’s certainly much better than some of their more recent offerings – which is basically David Icke with an overdrive pedal. Got maself banned offa tha YouTubes ‘cos I’s a nutcase. PLS sign up to my anti-5G newsletter, y’all.

Actually, listening to some (early to mid) Muse on Spotify and it really isn’t that bad. I suppose the real problem is that they’re Devon and I’m from Somerset.

It’s not that. I don’t care what order you put your jam and cream on your scones and however you’re pronouncing them.

I despise people from the West Country equally.



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