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1989. What a year. The Hillsborough Disaster. The Tiananmen Square massacre. Nicolae Ceaușescu executed on Christmas day. Taylor Swift being born. It was bleakness all over.

Obviously that’s a joke.

Having said that, this song does fit in pretty well with the darkness. I personally never had too much of a problem with spiders. If anything, I think they’re much maligned as a creature. Wasps. Those are the ones. Pointless. They don’t even make honey.

The design makes sense if you’re even half familiar with what Robert Smith looks like; the backcombed hair and what have you. If I’m completely honest, I only came up with the ‘Crawley’ element late on, despite it now seeming obvious.

The Cure are from Crawley, by the way. The UK’s Atlanta. In that it’s basically just an airport.

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