Fairytale of New York

by The Pogues feat. Kirsty MacColl

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The quintessential song about drinking too much and fighting at Christmas. Like what you and your family do.

Also up there with some of the best songs ever to only get to number two in the charts. Topped only by insane conspiracy theorists Right Said Fred who – coincidentally – must have struck Bryan Adams right off their Christmas card list due to being at the top for what seemed like the entirety of 1991. Bullet dodged, I would say.

The ‘f’ word. Where do we go with that? One the one hand, it was 1987. On the other it’s…not good. I personally wouldn’t ever come close to using the word. The only way it’d happen is if I was a) singing this song in its uncensored incarnation or b) I was deep in conversation about Mr Brain’s delicious spheres of offal.

I haven’t eaten meat for nearly twenty years and my singing is like all the fingernails on all the blackboards.

So it’s highly unlikely.

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