Dead Ringer for Love

by Meat Loaf feat. Cher




First thing’s first – I know the lyrics aren’t ‘rockin’ rollin’ brew’. They just sound like that. It’s ‘rock N roll AND brew’. But that doesn’t really work for the title of a fictional beer, so I’m calling artistic licence.

I don’t think it’s a particularly well kept secret that ‘Meat Loaf’ isn’t his real name. In fact, ‘Michael’ isn’t even his real name. Not sure the anti-Marvin angle, but what can you do? The design is fairly obviously US beer-y and incoporates the Texas flag (so easily confused with Chile) on the bell. Bells, flags, beer. It’s only really missing a shotgun, isn’t it? The red, white and blue. And gold! Like the medals! God bless America.

Not really much of Cher going on here but she didn’t die recently, so maybe next time.

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Athletic Heather, Black, Navy


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