The Sun Always Shines on TV

by A-Ha



If you’re looking for a translation here, ‘solskinn’ is Norwegian for ‘sunshine’. The rest of it is ‘Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation’. Once again, big up Google Translate. The design is based on a well known American television network you’re probably familiar with. Rather than a peacock, this is the sun. Yeah, sometimes it pays to be literal.

I never even considered how apt this song title was until I started working on it. You know the perpetual daylight thing. If you’re in the right place in Norway, you can experience the phenomenon of ‘midnight sun’, where there’s still sunlight during the night time. Hence, ‘the sun always shines’. I know the song isn’t about that.

I tried to get the mannequins from the music video into this somehow but it all got a bit confusing. Some you win, some you lose.

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