Love Shack

by the B-52's




I really don’t want to go all geography on you but we’re here now, so I’m just going to have to bring it.

There are three Interstate Highway roads that run through Atlanta. 20, 75 and 85. It depends where you’re coming from as to which of these you’ll be driving on. Now. This song doesn’t specify the pinpoint locations of a) the Love Shack and b) where the Chrysler’s original starting point was. It’s just a highway in Atlanta. So who knows?

What we *do* know is that the car ‘seats about 20′. So I’m going out on a limb and running with Interstate 20. It makes sense, right?

Forget all that. I don’t really know what the Love Shack really was or is or has ever been. But I know that everybody’s movin’. And everybody’s groovin’, baby. Which suggests a disco of some kind. Bring your jukebox money. Oh. So I’m paying? Fine. But wait. Huggin’ and a kissin, wearing next to nothing? Folk lining up outside just to get down? There’s glitter on the what? The mattress? What do you need a mattress for?!

So what we’re looking at here is some kind of late-80s Georgia dogging hotspot. I can cope with this now, but I wish I’d’ve been made aware of this when I was a kid.

PS The apostrophe in ‘B-52’s’ is correct. At the time. They realised their mistake in the late 2000s. Don’t shoot the messenger.

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