Holding Out For a Hero

by Bonnie Tyler




‘He’s gotta be fresh from the fight’? Er, Ok. I assume this is after a fight he’s won. Otherwise you’re in trouble. Nobody wants to get off with anyone that needs urgent medical attention. Do they?

Like Prefab Sprout, this is possibly the most eighties thing to have ever happened. Not just the song. The hair, the video, the sweating cowboys with lightning whips for some reason.

I first remember this song from the theme tune to the American Football way back. ‘Footloose’ itself passed me by. As did any film about dancing from the 1980s. ‘Stayin’ Alive’, ‘Flashdance’, ‘Fame’, ‘Dirty Dancing’; all abominations. Actually, ‘Fame’ isn’t bad. Also, I like ‘Dirty Dancing’, as my sister watched it about 200 hundred times. It was absolutely tortuous back then but nostalgia.

Anyway, Tyler. Everyone’s favourite gravel-throated, gravel-faced taff. Shame about EuroVision that time, but you can’t win them all.

Meme officionados will recognise this.

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