True Faith

by New Order




This takes me back. Nobody likes decent music when they’re ten, do they? Usually their parents have terrible taste in music, but you don’t know that, so just go with it. So for with this, the thing that really stuck with me weere the blokes hitting each other in the face and the bouncing marble people in the video. I didn’t particularly like it back then, but the visuals stick with you.

Now I know better, none of that really matters, does it? Nor does it matter that Bernard Sumner isn’t a particularly incredible singer or lyricist. But then that’s New Order for you, really. If it sounds good, it probably is. What’s Blue Monday really about? Pretty much nothing. But what the hell is going on with the noises?! I suspect we’ll make a ton of money out of that, right? The packaging? Oh.

So the nostalgia is strong. Lineker’s equaliser versus West Germany in the World Cup semi-finals. Gah.

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