Rock & Roll Queen

by The Subways




What I like best about Subway (the sandwich manufacturers, not the band), is that in some countries their bread countains too much sugar to be classed as bread. Which I would guess actually makes it cake. God bless America. The story about Jared Fogle isn’t particularly sweet, mind. If you don’t know about it, proceed with caution.

Onto the Subways the band – this is a stone cold facemelter of a song. Three chords, quiet bit, loud bit, screaming at the end. Which doesn’t sound complicated, but then it doesn’t need to be. Featured on a billion adverts and films, one of which led to a cameo appearance from the band themselves (Guy Ritchie’s ‘Rocknrolla’).

Women playing the bass always impresses me because I struggle and my hands are way bigger. But then I remember that I’m rubbish and they’re not. The circle of life.

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