Chop Suey!

by System of a Down

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China and Armenia, together at last.

Bit of a downer this one, but let’s start with China. This song is shockingly twenty years old and was originally called ‘Suicide’. Which isn’t the most palatable title at the best of times, so a more radio friendly approach was taken. Hence ‘chopped’ + ‘suicide’ = chop suey. The (simplified) Chinese symbols 自杀 say ‘suicide’. So that’s nice. A month after release, the 2001 terror attacks happened. Ah.

Next up, Armenia. The colours in the background are the Armenian flag, as all four SoaD members are Armenian – I think everyone knows that – and they go great lengths to bring awareness to the ethnic cleansing of Armenians at the end of the first world war. Ah.

So suicide, genocide, what else? The cosmetic industry seems to fit in well with that, I suppose. Hide your scars with make up. Angels deserve to die.

See? It all works. I’m going for a lie down.

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