Video Games

by Lana Del Rey




I don’t know the difference between conventional darts and ‘wild darts’. Hopefully it’s the 1980s technique of hammering back at least six pints before you even look at the dartboard. My kind of approach to a myriad of different sports.

The sound of the song is pretty retro, so the NES packaging made sense. The golden age of gaming as far as I’m concerned. Two buttons, that’s your lot. Super Mario Bros. 3 and TMNT are still up there with my favourite games of all time. Because I don’t really play them anymore. As I’m old and it’s all too complicated. I once witnessed the control interface to World of Warcraft and it looked like a cockpit. And that was over ten years ago.

These days it’s a viable career. Something careers advisors in the 80s and 90s would’ve found laughable. The joke’s on you now, lads.

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