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It shocks me that this song is almost twenty years old and Kelis is in her forties. I still think of her as being a 20 year old, screaming about how much she hates me right now. Linear time doing a number on me. Again.

I’ve learned that it’s really quite difficult to invent a milkshake brand without mentioning milkshake. Getting rid of the ‘milk’ element is actually the easiest thing, strangely. The Americans just call them ‘shakes’ these days. But that’s not helping much. Sooo, what are you gonna do? Essentially just go a bit insane on making it look milkshake-y, I suppose. Having researched it, that’s what everyone else does anyway.

Ergo you have to drop the subtlety, sledghammer some bubbly fonts, literal ingredients and actual milk all over the shop.

So these are the results of that.

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Black Heather (Chocolate), Black Heather (Strawberry), Black Heather (Banana), Black Heather (Vanilla), Brown (Chocolate), Red (Strawberry), Yellow (Banana), Soft Cream (Vanilla)


S, M, L, XL

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