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Religion. There’s a thing. If you’re into war, death, intolerance and suffering, amirite? Ok, let’s calm down. Personally, I don’t have a problem if you have a faith or not. It’s good to believe in things sometimes. However, I do have a problem with scam artists. A category of which the whole evangelical Christian movement lands firmly into. Love God? Have expendable income? Well why not come down to the town hall en masse to watch an obvious plant get ‘cured’ by a shouting, white-suited octegenarian from Tennessee? Or whatever a town hall is in America. Parasites, preying on the weak, I tell you. So good on the Hooters for sticking the boot in.

This song filed unequivocally under the ‘Songs My Mum Liked in the 80s’ and I still like it today. We can thank our old friend nostalgia for that one. The type of nostalgia that blinds you as to whether something is objectively good or not. The best kind.

The design is based on the Sky logo. Which if you’re British, should be fairly obvious. Do they still class themselves as ‘satellite’ telly? I don’t even know anymore.

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