by Alexander O'Neal




Now then. Do you want to be cool all your life or do you want to own up to loving the ever-chugging onslaught of pop music?

Specifially in the 80s. My era. Kind of. *beats chest anyway*

It blows my mind that a song this good exists. And I don’t care. However obscure and muso you want to be – and I’ve tried that – songs like this wrap a noose round your neck and it’s game over. They’re dragging you out of your bedsit and onto the disco floor; ‘string ’em up on the gallows of pop’.

Don’t try and fight it. Embrace it. Feel it cleanse you. Remind yourself that nobody cares how cool you think you are. You’re not at school anymore. </crashing waves>

Honestly though, what a tune.

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