The Whole of the Moon

by The Waterboys




This takes me back. I remember the reissue in 1991 rather than the original 1985 release. Even I’m a bit young for that. Back then I thought Brigadoon was a real place. It sounds Scottish enough to be real. How would you ever know about any of that without going to a library?! Shockingly, 1991 was only ten years before Wikipedia started. It seems waaaaayyy longer.

Speaking of Wikipedia, they have this down as ‘New Wave’. I’m no guru, but this doesn’t sound very New Wave to me. I’ve gone with ‘Folk Rock’. Genre police, come at me.

The song itself is a bit of a Carly Simon ‘You’re So Vain’ style enigma. The subject of the song is clearly a genius of some form: CS Lewis, Prince and Jimi Hendrix are all mentioned, but it’s supposedly a composite person.

I’m guessing Warren Beatty isn’t involved.

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