Two Tribes

by Frankie Goes to Hollywood




The first three Frankie Goes to Hollywood singles: sex, war, love. All three hugely disparate and all three massive number one hits. BANG. Job done. Thank you and good night. This is the second of the three and stayed at the top spot for – count them – nine weeks.

This is my personal favourite of that lot. Imagine the satisfaction of following up one of the most controversial / memorable / successful / groundbreaking records in British history with this. A song completely different in tone that ended up being the longest running number one single of the 1980s. In your face, Mike Read.

The song starts with an air raid siren and the Reeves and Mortimer voiceover man telling you you’re going to die. Protect and Survive flashbacks and then that riff. Reagan and Chernenko having a wrestling match like ‘Girls on Film’ but hilarious and terrifying.

The design should speak for itself, given all of that. ‘Black Gas’ is a currency idea that technically could stand up today. We’ve binned our quids, you now get paid in either petrol or Bitcoin.

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