Computer Love

by Kraftwerk




The brilliance of Kraftwerk can’t be underestimated now, can it? This song was released in 1981. Have a listen to it and think how insane that is. It could easily have been release twenty, thirty, forty years later and still sound fresh and relevant. The fact that it forms the basis of songs by Coldplay (‘Talk’ in 2005) and La Roux (‘I’m Not Your Toy’ in 2009) is testament to that. Imagine inventing an entire genre of music. They’re like the Beatles but better. OH NO HE DI’N’T!

Any old skool gaming enthusaists out there will instantly recognise what’s going on in the graphics here. While the Sinclair Spectrum wasn’t technically out in 1981, I’ve given myself a bit of artistic leeway. I am aware of the ZX81 but it’s not the instantly recognisable design classic like the Spectrum. And it was only a year out so shut up.

My favourite thing about the now sadly departed Clive Sinclair is that he’s responsible for Grand Theft Auto. Kind of. He set up the manufacturing of previously highlighted hardware in Dundee, which spawned the computing industry in Scotland. Hence Rockstar Games, hence GTA.

Ah shit, here we go again (a thing I think they might say in GTA but I don’t know because I’ve never played any of them. Sorry).

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