Drive My Car

by The Beatles




I hate to go all Peter Kay on you but – tax discs, remember them?!

All the info you can see here is as factually accurate as I could’ve got it, based on what I’ve seen from tax discs from 1965. Obviously not in real life. Even I’m not that old. Yes, Paul McCartney owned an Aston Martin DB6. Yes, it had the number plate ’64 Mac’. Given that ‘When I’m Sixty Four’ doesn’t turn up for another two albums, maybe he just liked the number?

That said, The Beatles released 12 studio albums in seven years, so they probably weren’t that far apart in being written. I know what you’re thinking. Clearly quantity over quality, this lot. Ack.

As with Bowie, tough one to grab just one song from. ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ is my favourite. Though the most compelling part of that for what I’m doing is ‘cranberry sauce‘ near the end. Tied myself in knots trying to get something out of that one to no avail.

Ah well.

The serial number RU883R50UL is obviously made up by me. The pound sign is also the Parlophone logo, fact fans.

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