Radio Free Europe

by REM




I’ll start by stating that I’m aware that ‘Radio Free Europe’ is already a radio station. Well, Radio Liberty (of course!) as it is now. But we can’t have that, can we? In all their years, REM had a decent output regarding the wireless – this, ‘What’s the Frequency Kenneth?’ and ‘Radio Song’ for starters, all broadcast based. So hey, why not build on that?

I feel this is all suitably 1980s. Especially the white version. The colours and all that. The peach is obviously ubiquitous with the state of Georgia, but what’s the 708 all about? I’ll tell you. Effectively it’s the seventh month and the eight day. You know those crazy Americans and their insane thing of putting the month before the day. What’s weird is this song was released orginally on the 8th July 1981 and then the re-recorded version on the 8th July 1983.

It all seems a long time ago considering two of their most commercially successful ALBUMS were released in 1991 and 1992.

Coincidence? Who knows?

NB You may also notice the word ‘station’ spans the letters ‘am’ immediately above it. Definitely no coincidence, fact fans.

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