by the Beastie Boys




Remember when these burst on to the scene? If you do, you’re quite old, because it was 1986/7 and *I* barely remember. Sorry about that. It was a flurry of outrage, loutish behaviour and Volkswagen logo theft.

Which makes it ever stranger what they became. A hardcore band that goes hip hop? Sure, why not. And what a fist of it they made. I was traditionally late to the party and only really started to take it all seriously after ‘Sabotage’. Specifically the incredible video. Then I saw them at Glastonbury and everything changed. Swapping instruments all over the shop, it almost made me forget about the rain. Almost.

The design, if you haven’t already worked it out, is a nod to the American patches they do for every space mission. I’m unaware if any of these missions have reached another dimension as of yet, but America itself operates on a different plane of reality to everyone else anyway, you’d have to say.

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