Fly Away

by Lenny Kravitz




Yes, we’re looking at text on a background here, people. I don’t make any bones about that. Some are more complicated than others and this one was at the easy end (easyEnd?). It can’t all be steak, can it? Sometimes you just want to wolf down a hamburger. That’s a matephor. I don’t touch the stuff (meat).

Other things you shouldn’t touch: airline food. To their credit (kind of) easyJet do no such thing, as far as I’m aware. There might be options to order snacks but nothing’s mandatory, I think. Either way, if you’re anything like me, being 40,000 feet in the air doesn’t lend itself well to stuffing your face. Drinking, of course. To take the edge of the idea that you’re in a giant metal tube full of petrol travelling at 400 mph.

On to Kravitz. I’m not that big a fan, to be honest. Actually, that footage of him splitting his trousers is pretty good. Definitely a looker, though. The whole Kravitz family are. Lisa Bonet, Zoë…probably the rest of them as well. Does Jason Momoa count? Maybe not.

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