French Disko

by Stereolab

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In my opinion, this song is up there with some of the best ever recorded. Which I appreciate is some serious bold claiming. It’s criminal that it’s not more well known than it is. If I had my way, this’d get piped out as the default noise at every sporting event, wedding and social gathering across the land. Though that’d probably ruin it after a while.

Social gatherings. Remember them? This is an attempt at some form of mental health-style therapy / charity affair. With lockdown still firmly on the brain (we’re nearly there folks!), I’ve gone for ‘bubbles’ and ‘withdrawal’ from the lyrics (see below). Does that make sense? Sure, why not.

Very loosely based on the layout of the Mind logo (strapline aligned to the right), I think the angle I’m going for a kind of getting yourself out of a bubble, anti-agoraphabia sort of deal.

I kind of had it a few years ago. Self-diagnosed. The thing about agoraphabia is the idea of going to a place with people qualified enough to tell you you’ve got it seems way too terrifying to even contemplate. The human mind. What a legend.

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