Long Snake Moan

by PJ Harvey




I once saw PJ Harvey shopping in Acorn Records in Yeovil.

I was 15 and it blew my tiny mind. Not only because famous people don’t frequent Yeovil (largely because it’s a stinking yokel cesspit where the only two things you can do is get killed or buy shoes) but also she was approximately four and a half feet tall, rather than the 50 she boasted about that time.

Namedropping aside, this is a pure, hellshriek belter of a song, and one of my favourites. And it was hard to choose just one. Maybe I’ll breach the rules and do more.

Covert alcoholics amongst you may note the similarity of this to a well known ‘hard seltzer’ brand on the market. Water that gets you hammered. Pack up your flasks and get down the gym that is now also a pub.


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White, Dark Grey Heather


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