by Garbage

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As debut albums go, this is a pretty solid effort. So solid it’s scratching your eyes out. Weirdly I didn’t really like Garbage at the start. I think it was ‘Only Happy When it Rains’ on Top of the Pops. I just thought ‘nah’. Being young and an idiot. You can’t beat it.

In time honoured tradition, I was late to the party and ended up listening it for pretty much the entirety of 1996. It was boiling hot and the football was on. I also passed my driving test and got so annihilated I couldn’t drive for about a week afterwards. What a completely unironic time to be alive.

The kitchen thing is weird, but there it is. It certainly made my job easier.

PS The ‘O’ is a semi-skimmed milk bottle top if you happen to be a vegan nonsense like me.

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