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I’ve probably said this before, but I regard this song to be up there with some of the best ever written. If you’ve never heard it, please use the links below and listen. In fact, the whole album is a blinder from start to finish and can instantly transport me back to learning to drive, having no real life worries and just generally being a directionless, naïve teenager.

So with something so monumentally lush and gorgeous as this song, why not ruin it with the sterile semiology of the British road? Bleaker than the bleakest. In that respect, I suppose it’s a perfect fit.

I know the M5 > A369 route well, as it goes. My mum has lived in Portishead for over ten years. Which has always prompted my legendary quip of ‘my mum’s in Portishead’. Which always falls flat as either a) people don’t realise Portishead is a place b) people don’t realise Portishead are a band or c) people realise both but don’t care.

Idiots, the lot of them.

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