50 Words for Snow

by Kate Bush




I heart Kate Bush. Shame she went all Tory. NO POLITICS, PLEASE. Honestly, though. I love Kate Bush so much, she could probably be the head of the Khymer Rouge and I’d’ve been fine with it.

Actually, update…I *still* love Kate Bush! Phew. Thank Christ for that.

Anyway…another one I could’ve probably whacked out several designs for, as she doesn’t half spin a yarn. And her command of words isn’t bad already without having to invent them, as is going on here. There you go – Kate Bush ‘isn’t bad’ at ‘spinning a yarn’. You heard it here first. Spoken like a barely literate reviewer on Amazon dot com.

I remember Stephen Fry telling an anecdote about being terrified of singing on television and having to visit a hypnotherapist in order to be able to do it. The best bit being his trigger phrase: ‘play it bitch’, delivered by Hugh Laurie.

Kate Bush had to do that with this song as well.


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