We Found Love

by Rihanna feat. Calvin Harris

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I never knew diamonds came in yellow until this song.

But then my jewellery game has never been strong. Seems like a waste of time to me. Like personalised number plates. If you’re buying these things, you have way too much money.

I was on a work freebie to Wireless Festival in 2012 and was actually quite looking forward to seeing Rihanna (considering every other artist playing there made me want to destroy humanity), but I really shouldn’t have bothered. She was proper dialling it in. You know that thing where singers sing a bit of a line, then point the mic at the crowd and expect them to finish it off? That. Lots and lots of that. No, no, no. This is *your* job.

The next project I work on for someone, I’ll probably just do that. Create a wireframe or whatever and email it going ‘come on, you know this one! People at the back, let me see you design it with me!’

So yeah, it’s almost like people from Barbados can’t deal with thousands of people shouting at them in the torrential British rain.

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