Blinding Lights

by The Weeknd




This probably needs a bit of explaining, so let’s get into it. When encountering a bliding light, what are you going to need? That’s right. Sunglasses. Therefore, this is based on a sunglasses manufacturer you know well. In fact, they do a good job of ‘banning’ the ‘rays’ from your eyes. Capiche? And in case you didn’t know, The Weeknd’s real name is Abel Tesfaye. Born on the 16th February 1990. Which is actually a Friday. Whether that constitutes the actual weekend is up to you.

I suppose I should mention something about TikTok. Though I’m not happy about it. Look at this if you absolutely have to, though I recommend removing any sharp objects from your line of sight.

Whatever gets you through the pandemic, I suppose.

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