Being A Girl

by Mansun




Chester’s finest. Though you’d have to say when the other things are Hollyoaks and Michael Owen, it’s probably not that difficult.

There’s lots going on here so let’s get on with it: the star thing is a development of the Marquis de Sade’s coat of arms. Apparently Mansun were reading all ol’ Sodom stuff while this album was recorded. Probably best not to think about that too much. Even the Wikepedia synopsis has me scarred for life. The lettering is based on a cosmetic brand you know well. They use moisturiser in soap. I think. I might’ve dreamt that.

Everything else should speak for itself if you check the lyrics bar below. Lemons, animals, sweetness and so forth. ‘Six hour protection’ doesn’t seem particularly impressive, but the album this is from is called ‘Six’. DO YOU SEE?

Danny Dyer fans – if indeed those things exist – will already be aware of his appearance in the promo video for this one. I’m not making it up, honestly.

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