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Remember when those kids reacted to Phil Collins and went viral? There’s a similar thing with this song on the old YouTubes. It’s seen as a seminal vocal performance and I’d just like to dust off my credentials and state that I was in the same field when this was happening.

Thanks, everyone.

Anyway, back to the action. This is a horrible, horrible song. You can tell within the first five seconds that it’s not going to be good. So let’s be contrary and splatter some colour over proceedings, somehow. Researching rehab leads you down a strange alley. You try to go vibrant but everything’s muted tones, organic (Trees! Leaves! Nature!) and, well, a little bland. Almost as if they’re saying ‘yeah, you’re done with your ecstacy pipes for now, so let’s get acres of porridge inside you’.

The graphical element of the logo is meant to represent the Virgin Mary if you haven’t already worked that out. With the halo and everything.

I’m too good to you people, seriously.

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