You Get What You Give

by New Radicals




Disaffected youths, eh? Tut. Tsk. Hmph. Yeah, Ok grandad. You were this once as well.

In US parlance, a ‘miracle mile’ is effectively just a shopping centre. Fine. Center. I’m not calling it a mall and you can’t make me. That does makes sense given the song’s video. It’s also a film about the place with the same name in Los Angeles, but I’ve not seen that and am merely using as a font base.

Here I’ve invented a fun run event in Michigan. Because I can. And because Gregg Alexander is from there. He’s a weird one. If you trace his history, he seemingly tried really hard to become hugely popular and famous, but when he actually got there couldn’t be bothered with it and swiftly went away. Which I have quite a lot of time for.

In fact, I’d love to see more famous people not being famous anymore please.

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