Bad Blood

by Taylor Swift




Taken from the album that marked Taylor Swift as a fully fledged pop superstar. Seven singles off one album (over half of the total songs) is certainly in Madonna / Jacko territory. And the most famous record named after the composer(s) birth year I can recall – 1965 by the Afghan Whigs and 1977 by Ash spring to mind. I wonder what she thinks about the Ryan Adams cover album now? Probably best not to dwell on it.

This is one of the more literal designs, what with it being actual bad blood. It’s kind of helpful that most bloodbags feature the phase ‘properly identify intended recipient’ somewhere on their label. Because we all know who this is about, don’t we? It’s……. Katy Perry.

I think they’ve made up now. The cynic in me thinks the spat was invented to promote sales. The non-cycnic in me doesn’t really care that much. Ah well.

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