Dark Horse

by Katy Perry




I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that Aphrodite is Greek. And a lot of this contains Egyptian imagery. Don’t shoot the messenger. I only do the pictures. I had nothing to do with the words. The Egyptian stuff is all in the video.

I sort of like this song, in the sense that I’ve performed it very badly at karaoke. That probably means I don’t like it at all. It has all the hallmarks of an early 2010s pop song: predominant female warbling, some rap bloke ruining the middle and the composition of the thing as a whole being partially plagiarised. Flame, a Christian rapper, successfully sued Hudson and co. for almost $3m. I guess that’s a pretty big other cheek to be turning.

No, I’ve no idea what a horse ranch would look like in Santa Barbara. I’d assume it’s an affluent area because Prince Harry lives there. Hence all the gold. I believe all the old skool Egyptian lads were also big on it.

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