It’s Raining Men

by The Weather Girls




I think we’re due a new cover of this song very soon. After the original in 1982 and then Geri Halliwell’s effort in 2001, it seems apt. Once every twenty years or so appears to be the pattern. I wonder who it’ll be this time? Hope it’s like Bob Dylan or Willie Nelson or someone.

This isn’t to say I like the song. I don’t particularly not like it. I dunno. I remember we used to think the notion behind it was funny when we were at school. But that doesn’t mean anything really, does it? When you become an adult the things you thought were rubbish when you were a kid often end up being the things you like. And vice versa. Probably more so. The ciiiircle of liiiife.

There’s also apparently a RuPaul version of this. Of course there is.

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