Country House

by Blur




So we finally made it. A song I really hate by a band I really like. Yes, the winners of the battle (against Oasis’ ‘Roll With It’ – ask your dad), but not the war. Terrible song, terrible video. The page 3 girls (ask your dad?) are fine – we all need to earn a living – but you can never abide an appearance from Keith Allen. Unless it’s Shallow Grave ‘cos he dies. Spoilers.

Ridiculously priced design software fans will know what’s going on here straight away, but I’d like to point out that the software icon colours are modelled on ‘The Best of Blur‘ cover. An album that – rather foolishly, imo – contains this song.

If you’re wondering what ridiculously priced design software has to do with Blur or houses or countries then the simple answer is nothing. I just saw the word ‘abode’ and went with it.

Sometimes you overthink things. Unless it’s to go with this as the lead single from an album, evidently.

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