by the Sugababes

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The original and best.

Such a bizarre history of personnel changes. After Keisha Buchanan’s departure in 2009, the Sugababes contained no original members. Which is a bit strange in itself, but pales into comparison with the formation of MKS in 2012. So said original band members exist as a group but aren’t called the Sugababes.

They are now, though. Again. Weeeeiiird.

Let’s not get bogged down in that. Even though we kind of have already. It scares me that a) this song is twenty years old and b) they were 15 / 16 years old at the time of release.

Obviously ‘Mad Man Situation’ isn’t a real train station. If I had to choose one that’s similar in status, I’d go with Glasgow. Lovely place, but the first time I went there I was greeted with Scottish shrieking and the sound of shattering glass.

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