National Express

by the Divine Comedy




Well, this was a nightmare. As in the old fontmatching situation. To be fair to National Express (the bus company, not the song), they’ve done a decent job. In that their logo is custom typography and not just an off the shelf font. So this is an *approximation* of that. Because I can’t invent letters I don’t know and can’t find. I’m unfortunately not that good.

Hate them, though. Coaches generally. And I’ve been on my fair share during the mid to late 90s. Nothing takes it out of you more than a three hour coach journey to London from rural Somerset. And back. The drowsiness. The drooling. Honestly, I’m not even a fan of short bus journeys. To me, it’s just a place in which to get stabbed up on the move.

The song is kind of about that. But with less stabbing, obviously.

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White, Athletic Heather, True Royal Blue, Black


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