by Pink Floyd




Money. It’s a gas. In 7/4.

Of the three available states of matter, I would argue that money is the least likely to be a gas. It’s got solid form covered, undoubtedly. There was that Japanese whisky that cost like half a million dollars. That’ll do for liquid. But gas? Wait, maybe Gilmour and co were referencing contactless payment. That must be it. All the rage in 1973.

What a back catalogue, though. Such innovation and craft, and yet the thing with Pink Floyd is that they always make me think of Bob Geldof shaving his eyebrows and nipples off.

Also, I’m pretty sure this song provided the blueprint for the saxophone solo in ‘My Lovely Horse‘.

I’d like to point out that none of Pink Floyd are from Scotland, despite this being a fairly obvious rip off of a well known Scottish bank. Ah well.

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