Lady Marmalade

by Labelle




Cover versions are rubbish.

Ok, that’s not true. But there’s a lot more Toploader than Joe Cocker out there. And this song has copped its fair share of Toploader.

But there’s so much more: Fall Out Boy covering Joy Division, Duran Duran covering Public Enemy, Matt Cardle covering Biffy Clyro (and changing the name of the song, even). Lads. Can we, maybe. Just. Not?

So Pink, Mya, Xtina, I mean – the actual Appleton sisters…queueing up to have a bash at a song that was – is – more than enough. For me, it’s up there amongst the biggest and best songs that don’t need covering. Someone needs to step in and say ‘mate, what are you doing?’, quickly followed by ‘come on…just go home and sober up. I’ll call you tomorrow, it’ll be fine.’

I drink the magnolia wine to forget.

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