Crazy Horses

by The Osmonds




Ugh. Mormons. That’s a Simpsons quote, calm down. You’d think that someone that grew up in Somerset would have very little knowledge of somewhere like Utah. Well, that would be correct. Actually, I do know about Salt Lake City. Largely because the Olympics was there once. In fact, isn’t Utah pretty much just the West Country of America? Thicko yokels, basically.

Anyway, the Osmonds are from Utah. Which I kind of knew. I knew they were Mormons, at least. Back in the early 1970s, the five (or six? Possibly seven) piece were obstensibly a boy band. So when this number popped up, eyebrows were raised. Bubblegum pop it was not. By more modern, extreme standards it’s not exactly Meshuggah, but for the time of release you have to admit it’s pretty hard rock.

Fans of US geography will note that the design is in the shape of the state, but the colours and elements are lifted from the very recently new (March 2024) Utah state flag. It’s known as ‘the beehive state’, but obviously I’ve got a horsehoe here.

And yes, I’m aware that a rehab center (sic) for horses is a pretty mental idea. Ask yourself if it’s more mental than Mormons, though.

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