Down in the Tube Station at Midnight

by the Jam




We used to listen to The Jam when we were kids, but I never remember this one being quite as murderous as it is. And it is definitely that. Hence the blood splatter. That’s on the roundel version, not the line version. A variant without any violence. Or religion. Or violence *and* religion. Together at last! Who’d have thought it. None of this is about any of that, I might add.

Obviously all these stops are fictional and that’s the point of it, but I’ve put in connecting stops at ‘Toffee Wrappers’ and ‘Right Wing Meetings’ Just because these represent the extremes of my own personal likes / dislikes. Can you guess which is which and why? Answers on a postcard. Not really. Answers on social media if you can be arsed.

If you’re not a London person, I’ve saved you having to look up what colours each line is. Though I did consider not doing that, what with the London Underground map effectively tattooed on my brain.

NB Please note that the colour selected is the colour of both the Tube line and the fabric of the t shirt.

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White, Black (Northern), Navy (Picadilly), Aqua (Victoria), Red (Central), Kelly (District), Yellow (Circle), Brown (Bakerloo)


S, M, L, XL


Roundel, Map

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