Army of Me

by Björk




I don’t mind admitting to you that the video for this one gave me nightmares. And I was an actual, fully-grown adult when it came out. At least in a physical sense. The trucks, the teeth, the jewel-stealing gorillas. They don’t make them like that anymore. They don’t make artists like this anymore really, do they? Well, they do, but they don’t get anywhere. Cheers, record labels.

The design is clearly army related. Strangely, all the military units of Iceland are all run through the Icelandic Coast Guard (which is where the original anchor symbol is from). I suppose you have to keep things pretty light when your country only has twelve inhabitants. ‘Íslenska Loftvarnarkerfið’ is the Iceland Air Defence System, to pair off with the Air Mail stripe.

Finally, here’s a bit of nostalgia for those that miss Top of the Pops. Which should be everybody.

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