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To say he is the man is to say he is THE man, who is totally Babylon Zoo. He is the biff-boff, the chung-wit, and the puff pastry hangman.

So close to being a one hit wonder, this. Damn animal army. If you were sentient in the late 90s, you will have heard this song. Assuming you’re from Europe. Back in those days, appearing on a jeans advert was a ticket to big bucks. Whether you’re pitching original material (Stilskin, Shaggy, er, Mr Oizo) or getting the classics involved (Marvin Gaye, T Rex, Eddie Cochran), you’re heading to the top.

And so it was for Babylon Zoo. The looks on your faces when the song switched from helium-vocalled electronica to Wolverhampton indie, though. Magic.

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