Disco 2000

by Pulp




This is my third venture into the city of steel (after Moloko and Arctic Monkeys), and it is and remains a well of tunes. I’ve been to Sheffield a few times and I quite like it. And for a soft as shite southerner I obviously view anywhere north of Hertfordshire as a Mad Max-esque wasteland where the currency is flat caps and heroin. But with added rain.

On to the song. It is a bit of a belter. Long live Britpop. Sort of. Mostly.’Cool Britannia’ isn’t great as a phrase, mind. I didn’t like it at the time and now it makes me wince like someone’s stuck a needle in one of my bollocks. Noel Gallagher drinking champagne with Tony Blair at No. 10? Not for me.

As it goes, the ‘fountain down the road’ was actually a real fountain. Sort of a meeting place, apparently. Like the left lion on Nottingham or smelly alley in Reading. Ok, that last one isn’t a meeting place. I just wanted to demonstrate how cultured I am. Yeah, Nottingham and Reading. I’m kind of a big deal.

Anyway, fountains don’t ordinarily have logos, so I’ve turned it into a pub. See you down there at 2.

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